Invitation Link

Every user at Star Bargains has the opportunity to use their personal Invitation Link and earn User Points when a customers places their 1st order after clicking your link.

Clicking on a link stores a cookie on that persons device that is used to track who's link was clicked on.

The newest link will receive the attribution for the click and the associated reward.

The cookie will expire after 30 days.

Cookies may be removed by other means that are out of Star Bargains control, such as if the user wipes their cookies.

Professional Affiliates

If you operate a website, social media, blog that offers great deals for your visitors then joining the Star Bargains affiliate programme is the best way to earn money while sharing our great products.

We are already working with a range of websites, social media & blogs including Quidco, Top Cashback and smaller Facebook pages.

About our Affiliate programme

Star Bargains offer the best online discount food & drink deals delivered throughout U.K. and Europe.

We are backed by Fultons Foods retail who have been trading since 1971 and have over 100 retail stores across the north of England, supported by dedicated logistics and distribution. Building on the Fultons brand we are committed to offering customers fantastic brands at fantastic prices.

We have constantly changing special offers with product deals and promotions. To support this we have ongoing advertising, marketing & PR campaigns running.

For affiliates, we're committed to offering excellent support and an ongoing aim to maximise conversion rates across the site.

  • We will help to maximise conversions by offering:
  • The lowest prices online – we check prices daily and update ours so that we always offer the best value.
  • Constantly changing special offers with product deals and promotions.
  • CRO analysis and a friction-free checkout process
  • Ongoing online & offline advertising, PPC, marketing & PR campaigns

Paid On Results

We use Paid On Results as our affiliate network manager.

Established in 2002, Paid On Results have constantly been developing our business and through technological excellence and investing in the future of Affiliate Marketing we have established good working relationships with leading Affiliates around the globe. With tracking reliability second to none and ongoing innovation, we have built a high level of trust with our partners in the UK Affiliate Marketing arena.

If you have any questions regarding our program, please get in touch.